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At the request of a customer to highlight the legendary Ferrari 250GTO on a MFH base that was entirely improved, the mounting engineering was substantially modified to allow a pre-mounting for adjustments of all pieces. Therefor most of the joints have to be improved or completely made anew. The tubular inner structure has been created with brass tubes soldered together. All pieces have to be grinded and cleaned before being adjusted so that everything really works; like the direction that can be moved from left to right. This allows, when the model is fully built, to move the front wheels as to get a nicer view seen three quarters front. The pistons and valves really function, as can be seen in the video, before disappearing when the covers are placed. The list of improvements and more radical changes is way too long to mention on my site. I’m available to answer any question about this model.

The 250GTO model is presented as a stand-alone chassis with engine/exhaust.. with the body represented as under construction and one model as complete car.   

Vidéo Ferrari 250 GTO s/n 3705

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