(Revell 1/12)

About everything has been transformed or created to come as close as possible to the real race car.

On the engine everything is new, for the injection is typical to this race car and the different gears are driven by a dual belt on front of the engine, these pulleys are manufactured in aluminum.

The rear trunk is very much transformed, more space is created to fit the spare wheel, the battery and the folding spade, as required in Le Mans races.

The whole body has been rectified so as that each individual part fits seamlessly into the other. The original bumpers have been engineered to fit the body and then professionally chromed.

All other details, such as the fuel tank cap, the steering wheel support, the tachometer and speedometer as well as the wheel butterfly were manufactured in aluminum.

The interior has been fully reshaped, so are the newly designed seats and the area behind those seats.

The desired result seems to be achieved for the pleasure to discover, at closer look, many details, such as the attaching wire on the wheels, the different lights and trunk closing systems and many others.


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